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TaiChi Team Building

A unique, fun and effective approach to teambuilding. Builds the team that develops the individuals.

From improving concentration to reducing stress levels, Tai Chi is a powerful way to help your employees stay relaxed, alert and energised.

Tai Chi Teambuilding has two elements that can be run together or separately:

Experienced Tai Chi and Chi Gung practitioner and teacher Michael Richards runs all classes and sessions.

"Michael explains, demonstrates and coaches well. He is also very patient and gives individual attention. He is very clear in explanations. Michael has a nice way of teaching and treats you like a friend."

Bruce Nixon MA (Oxon.) - Management Consultant. Author of Making a Difference

Comments about Tai Chi

"Practising Tai Chi has enabled me to be more relaxed. Gentle movements combined with controlled breathing brings a better quality of life. It reduces stress by relaxing my body and freeing my mind from unnecessary clutter and worries."

PH - Hemel Hempstead

Comments about Tai Chi

"Tai Chi relaxes both my mind and body. Promoting my health and enhancing my creativity."

SG - Bucks

Comments about Tai Chi

"I have a very stressful job and find it very hard to physically relax or switch off from the stresses of the day. A colleague mentioned that they did Tai Chi and found it a marvellous way to cope with the job. I am still very new, but I'm beginning to think that maybe the ability to just stop and focus on me is a possibility."

TM - Berkhamstead

Comments about Tai Chi

"I find practising Tai Chi helps me handle stress, particularly at work as when I focus on the movements I slow down, calm down and my mind is quieter. It's somewhat like meditation but with movement which is also good as my work is deskbound. I would recommend it to any one to try."

CL - Radlett